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Budgeting 101: Why Saving is So Important


Saving money is very important.
Next to tithing, saving should be the next most important item in your budget.
Also, like tithing, your goal should be to save 10% of your income.
It must be at the top. If savings is at the bottom of your budget then all it gets, or all you get, is what’s leftover, if anything at all.

Why is saving so important?

Savings is like preventative care.
Savings is Murphy repellant.
Saving prepares you for emergencies.
Savings keeps you from having to use credit cards.
Saving gives you freedom.
Saving keeps you out of debt or from from getting further in debt.
Saving gives you peace of mind.

Saving must be a priority. After giving back to God, pay yourself first.
10% of your income adds up quickly. You will be surprised how much money you can have if you will just discipline yourself to save.

Proverbs 21:15. “The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty.”

The surest way to save is to make it automatic.
Have it auto drafted into your savings account from each check.
If it’s taken out before you can even get your hands on it, like taxes, then it’s easier to get used to not having that money to spend.

You can do it. You can be a saver!
Take action and start today. Do it now!

Why we needed an Emergency Fund


In life there are always ups and downs, periods of rest and unrest, calm weather and stormy weather.
The past 2 years have been very stormy for us financially and had it not been for our emergency fund or savings we would have been sunk.

Last year and the first part of this year we struggled with a car that we eventually determined was a lemon and had to go.
It all started with transmission and computer trouble.
A few months later the torque convertor went out.
We thought maybe the worst was over until the engine started misfiring.
After spending thousands of dollars within a short time we finally decided that this thing had to go.

Determined not to go into debt for a car ever again, we began shopping for something that we could just swap for.
We found a great deal on another vehicle, but as the dealership inspected our car, somehow it sprang a radiator leak.
In disbelief, I went to see for myself and lo and behold there was a stream of green fluid running out from under the car.
Still determined to get rid of this car, I took it and had the radiator replaced and thankfully the dealership took it.

To top things off, this year an epic rain fall flooded our crawl space, costing another couple thousand dollars to repair.

Through it all though, we thankfully did not have to revert to the use of a credit card once. We didn’t even have a credit card to use because we had cut them up many years ago.
But the only way we are able to live without credit cards and still feel secure is to have an emergency fund. You never know what life might bring your way.

Right now, we are working on building our emergency fund back up and just praying that there will be some peace in the midst of the storm for a little while.

I hope that our story inspires you to either get your own emergency fund built up or strengthen the one you have.

Tomorrow is determined by what you do today. – John Wooten

Money Saving Tip # 5: Movies


Money Saving Tip # 5: Movies

Going to the movie theaters can be very expensive.

$10 tickets
$7 popcorn
$3 candy
$3 drinks

When added all together, times the number of people, it can quickly deflate you wallet.

Here are some ways you can save…

1. Wait a few months for it to come out on DVD
I can’t stand the thought of spending $50 or more to see a movie, knowing that I can just rent it for $2. All it takes is a little patience.
But for those times when you just want to get out as a family and treat the kids, following the rest of these tips will save you a bunch of money.

2. Go earlier in the day
Not only do you save about $4 per ticket, you don’t have to deal with the crowd as much.

3. Eat before you go
You will be less tempted to spend money on snacks and the kids will be less likely to ask for them.

4. Buy candy at the dollar store instead of at the theater.
The Dollar stores have a great selection of individual sized boxed candy and it only costs $1.
We have also grabbed snack items from home like granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.

5. Skip the drinks
This will also keep you from having to get up in the middle of the movie to go to the bathroom.

6. Skip the popcorn
Popcorn is not only the most expensive concession item; it also makes you thirsty, and you can’t eat popcorn without a drink.

Did I miss anything? Please share any other tips that you may have.

Money Saving Tip # 2


Tip # 2: Skip the Barber

I am very fortunate to have a wife who is very conscious about where our money goes. She gets all the credit for this tip because she is the one who decided many years ago to save our family some money by cutting mine and our boy’s hair.

When you have 4 boys in the family, going to the barber every month can be expensive.
If the average cost of a haircut is $10, then we are saving $40 per month or $480 per year.
It is also much more convenient and your saving gas money.

This tip also applies for women.
My wife does not cut her hair, so there is no need for her to go to the salon.
Now, the reason she does not cut her hair has nothing to with saving money, but it sure is a nice benefit.
How much money do women that cut their hair spend each year?
I am not sure, but I hear it is much more than it costs for a guy.

If you take this advise be sure to tip your new family barber.

This is the continuation of a series on different ways that we, as a family, have learned to stretch the dollar.

The hope is that I can be of help to someone and, through comments and replies, learn from you as well. So please feel free to leave a comment with your own tips and at some point, with your permission, I would like to compile all the tips together in one resource to share with everyone.

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Money Saving Tip # 1


I’m starting a series on different ways that we, as a family, have learned to stretch the dollar. This is the first of many to come.

The hope is that I can be of help to someone and, through comments and replies, learn from you as well. So please feel free to leave a comment with your own tips and at some point, with your permission, I would like to compile all the tips together in one resource to share with everyone.

Tip # 1: When dining out drink water

As a family, and even as an individual, going out to eat can be expensive.
One way that we have saved a lot of money through the years is by ordering water to drink.
Restaurant sodas are typically $2 or $3 a piece and for a family of 5 that adds up to about $15 per meal.
Multiply that number by how many times you go out to eat per week, month or year and figure the math.
It will add up to a pretty large sum of cash that could be used better.

It was not easy for our kids to accept at first, but in time they have learned to actually prefer water over soda. If your kids are used to drinking sodas then this will be a tough adjustment for them. Make sure you order for them and hang tough.


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