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Proverbs 2:6

For The Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

If you had one wish or one thing to ask of God today when you pray…ask for wisdom.

God is giving it out; all we have to do is ask for it.

Think of all the decisions that we make on a daily basis. Some are more important than others, but what if God was helping us with those important choices that we make each day and the words that we speak to others. Wow! The world would be a better place.

Set the Tone for the Day

The best way to set the tone for the day is to play music in the morning as you and the kids are getting ready for or headed to school and work.

Don’t just play anything. Play a song of praise.

Forget the sports, forget the weather, forget the arguing and fussing, forget about the problems coming your way. Hit the play button on a good worship song and sing or at least hum praise to God.

The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing and that we should pray everywhere. It also says that everything that hath breath should praise The Lord.

Judges 5:3
I, even I, will sing unto The Lord; I will sing praise to The Lord God of Israel.

Psalms 150:6
Let everything that hath breath praise The Lord. Praise ye The Lord.

Have ever had a song stuck in your head that just you just can’t get out.
Most of the time it’s some annoying jingle from a commercial or something similar. Why not, get a song of praise stuck in your head all day.

What is your song of praise?

Are You Making Time for God?


We are all busy. So much to do and so little time to do it.
At the end of the day we are exhausted and ready to get some sleep so that we can get up the next morning and do it all over again.

Did you make time for God? Was he left out?
While laying in bed, do you now take the time to say a quick bed time prayer?

How does God fit into your schedule or does he even have a spot?

If you are a faithful christian and belong to a church then you likely believe in tithing and giving the first of your finances to the church.
You were taught that this should be at the top of your budget.
You don’t wait and give what is left over at the end; you give to God first and then everything else comes after.

This tithing principle should also apply with our time for God.
Are you giving God the first of your time or the last?
Is God just getting the leftovers, if there are any?

Put God at the top of your daily To-Do list.
Spend the first part of your day with with Him in prayer and reading the Bible.

Give Him the first part your day and he will give you the rest.

What Can Be Learned From a Child’s Poem About Family


My youngest son wrote this poem in school.
As I write this I am attempting to look at it through the eyes of someone else rather than my own.
If I were his teacher, reading through this poem, this is what I would have learned about his family.

Dad cooks breakfast and mom cooks dinner.
Mom and Dad are working together, sharing the duties of the family.

This family takes road trips together.
This means taking time out from the hustle and bustle of every day life to get away and spend time together.

Mom is very kind and tenderhearted.
She is there to help when they fall down and get wounded physically as well as emotionally.

No family is perfect.
There will be fighting between siblings and even disagreements between the kids and parents, but this is normal and even needed in order to learn and grow.

This family has routines, such as eating pizza on Friday’s.
This gives the kids something to expect and look forward to each week.

This family uses sports as a way of interacting with each other and spending time together.

This family believes in prayer and going to church and they do it consistently; prayer every night and church every Wednesday and Sunday.

Challenge: See if you can get your child to sit down and write their own poem about “Where I am From” and see what they reveal about your family. A child speaks from the heart and can be very honest in their words. I pray that you will be touched by what they say as much as I was.

Things I Thank God for Every Day

Thanking God

God is so good to me that I couldn’t possibly cover it all, but here are some basic things that I like to thank Him for each and every day.

  1. Jesus
    First of all I am thankful to even know Jesus, for without Him I would be lost, without direction and just aimlessly wondering and searching for purpose and happiness.
  2. Family
    I am so blessed with the family that I have been given. My wife and kids mean everything to me. They are my reason for living other than God.  I am also thankful for parents that raised me in the church and taught me the importance of loving God.
  3. Shelter
    I am thankful for a place to call home. A place where our family can live, eat, sleep and spend time together.
  4. Food
    I am thankful every day for the food that we have to eat. Not only do I thank God before meals, but also thank him in my daily prayer time as well. I want him to know that I do not take even the basic needs that have been provided to me for granted.
  5. Transportation
    I thank God every day for the cars that he has given us to drive. They get us to and from our home, jobs and the church.  Every time I get in, turn the key and it starts I say “Thank You Jesus”.
  6. Health
    I thank God every day for good health.  If I am not feeling well, then I thank him for just being alive.
    Every morning I thank God for allowing me to wake up and giving me another opportunity to serve him and hopefully reach out to someone.
  7.  Church
    I thank God every day for the church that we are a part of.  I thank him for a pastor that loves and cares for us and for the friends and fellowship that we have made.
  8.  Job
    I thank God every day for the job that he has given me that allows me to provide for the needs of my family, the church and others.

These are just some of the basics that I start my pray time off with.

If you are ever struggling with what to say when you pray, start with thanking God for meeting your basic needs.

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