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What Can Be Learned From a Child’s Poem About Family


My youngest son wrote this poem in school.
As I write this I am attempting to look at it through the eyes of someone else rather than my own.
If I were his teacher, reading through this poem, this is what I would have learned about his family.

Dad cooks breakfast and mom cooks dinner.
Mom and Dad are working together, sharing the duties of the family.

This family takes road trips together.
This means taking time out from the hustle and bustle of every day life to get away and spend time together.

Mom is very kind and tenderhearted.
She is there to help when they fall down and get wounded physically as well as emotionally.

No family is perfect.
There will be fighting between siblings and even disagreements between the kids and parents, but this is normal and even needed in order to learn and grow.

This family has routines, such as eating pizza on Friday’s.
This gives the kids something to expect and look forward to each week.

This family uses sports as a way of interacting with each other and spending time together.

This family believes in prayer and going to church and they do it consistently; prayer every night and church every Wednesday and Sunday.

Challenge: See if you can get your child to sit down and write their own poem about “Where I am From” and see what they reveal about your family. A child speaks from the heart and can be very honest in their words. I pray that you will be touched by what they say as much as I was.

“Where I’m From” – A poem about family, by my youngest son

This poem touched my heart in more ways than one and I just had to share it.

In my next post I”ll share what I’ve learned from my son and how his poem can be used as a guideline for a happy and loving family.


I am from a family that my dad cooks pancakes.
I am from cars driving from the road at sunset.
I am from mom’s kindness and dad’s good pancakes.
I am from my brother’s meanness and fighting a lot.
I am from Greenville, SC.
We travel through some states.
I’m from a family that eat’s pizza on Fridays.
I’m from a family that plays sports like basketball and watching football.
I’m from a family that goes to 2 different schools, elementary and middle school.
I am from a place that my dad cooks every morning and my mom cooks at night.
I am from a family that my mom and dad prays with me every night.
I am from a family that goes to church every Sunday and Wednesday night.

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