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Put Your Kids To Bed; Don’t Send Them To Bed

A a newborn, most parents naturally keep their child very close by and never out of sight. When it comes time for the child to go to sleep, often times they will sleep in the bed with mommy and daddy or at least in the same room. They can’t even walk yet, so parents are forced to “put” them to bed, not “send” them to bed.

As they get to the toddler stage they start sleeping in their own room, but we still rock them to sleep, then lay them down in their bed and tuck the covers around them. A kiss on the cheek is almost never left out.

As they get into the elementary school years they are still very lovable and cute. At bed time we may send them to change and brush their teeth, but are very close behind to help them to bed, tuck them in, say a prayer and kiss them on the cheek or forehead as we say good night.

As they enter the teen years, the child begins to want to separate from mom and dad a bit and may shy away from being tucked in the bed and kissed goodnight. They are naturally growing and maturing into a young adult. It is at this stage that mom and dad tend to get away from putting their child to bed and start to just send them to bed.

I encourage you today, no matter the age, to always put your child to bed; don’t just send them to bed. I am talking to myself as a write this because I have 3 kids that are 10, 14 and 15. As they get older its ok to tell them to go get ready for bed, but always follow up on them and be there to make sure they actually get in the bed. Pray with them, tell them you love them and wish them a good night.

Put your kids to bed, don’t send them to bed.
A simple, yet important message, that should have a long lasting positive impact for both you and your child.

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