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Why Men are like Waffles


My wife and I have been married for 17 years now.
One might think that after all these years we might have each other figured each other out, but I have come to the realization that it will be a life long process in learning to love each other more than the day before.

The fact is that men and women are totally different and the book, Men are like Waffles Women are like Spaghetti, by Bill and Pam Farrel, has clued me in to some of those differences.

Why men are like waffles…

Waffles are made up of squares and so is a man’s thought process.
Men live in one square at a time and aim to conquer that square before moving on to the next one.
If a guy is sitting at the table reading, he is reading and that’s it.
If he is watching TV, he is watching TV.
If he’s fixing something or putting something together, he is focused on that and that only.
It is very difficult for most guys to abruptly stop what they are doing at the moment and either shift focus or multi-task.
It’s best to give him a warning so that he can pick a stopping point.
Let him complete that square and then hop into the next one, which may be listening to his wife talk about how the day went.

This leads into Why Women are like Spaghetti, which I will attempt to explain in the next post.

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