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Are You Others-Centered or Self-Centered?


Most of us are likely familiar with the term “self-centered”, but how many of you have heard of the term “others-centered”.

I learned of this term by reading the late Zig Ziglar’s, “Born to Win” book.
Before then I can honestly say that I have never heard the term before and it really struck a chord in my life.

What are we here on this earth for?
Is it all about us or is it all about others?

Take a look at the bullseye picture above and let’s assume that is your world.
If you placed a picture of someone in the center, who would you see?

Would you see a picture of yourself or would you see a picture of your family, your wife, your kids, your friends.

Everything that we do should be centered around others.

Pray for others
Love others
Serve others
Cook for others
Give to others

One of Zig Ziglar’s most popular sayings was this…
“If you help enough others get what they want, then you will eventually get what you want”

When you become Others-Centered instead of Self-Centered your life changes for ever.

Try it today and every day and see how you can be a blessing to others.

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