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Elf on the Shelf: Adventures of Cyle

This year we thought we would join in on the fun everyone else seems to be having and asked Santa for an Elf on the Shelf.
He came through with a boy named Cyle (pronounced like Kyle, only with a C)

Cyle is pretty laid back during the day, but at night seems to be quite active.
In the mornings we find him frozen in whatever activity he seemed to be doing that night while we slept.

Here are some places that we have found him so far.
I’ll attempt to keep this post updated each day until Christmas.

Cyle hanging out with some Disney Infiniti guys. Guessing he wants to get in on the game too.

Cyle climbing the flag pole.

He’s hoping the kids will see him as they come downstairs

Swinging from the fan. Not sure how he got up there though.

Must have been cold last night

Looks like Cyle stayed up last night watching Rudolph.

Hanging out in the Christmas tree.

Proud of Cyle for reading the Bible.

It appears he was checking out the Christmas story.

20131220-132257.jpgCyle dangling by his feet from a swing set.

20131221-131511.jpgPumping some iron

20131222-144606.jpgPlaying Collin’s 3DS


20131224-075753.jpg Not sure how he got in there, but must have been hungry

20131224-080608.jpg Cyle likes the guitar

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