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Sometimes It’s Better To Be Dumb


Have you ever come in contact with someone who thinks they know everything?
No matter what you tell them, they are quick to respond with, “Yea.  I know” or “Knew that already”.

How does that make you feel?  Immediately your countenance falls and your like, “oh”.
All the excitement that was just in you, hoping to share information that you thought they didn’t know, suddenly goes away leaving you wondering what to say next. You feel dumb.

Now put yourself in their shoes.

Somebody comes running to you clearly excited about something that they had just learned.
As they begin talking, you immediately realize that you already know what they are talking about.  You either figured it out on your own or somebody else already told you.

Will you play like you didn’t know or belittle them by crashing their spirits with, “Alrighty knew that”, before they even finish?

Sometimes its better to be dumb.

According to the dictionary, the definition of dumb means lacking the power of speech, temporarily speechless or unwilling to speak.

Yes, sometimes it is better to be dumb.
Sometimes it’s better to not say anything at all or act speechless in order to lift the other person up and let them have their moment.

Its a good feeling to know something that somebody else doesn’t know.  To be able to teach somebody something that they didn’t know before or to make them better off than they were.

Why not give someone else the chance to feel that way?

Be dumb!

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