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How to Deal with an Argumentative Teen

The next time you’re teen wants to get argumentative with you, ask them this question before proceeding to have a conversation with them.
“Am I dealing with a 34-year-old or a 4-year-old?”. Then treat them accordingly.

Sometimes it’s Better To Be Wrong Than Right


This one is hard to accept, but there are many circumstances where it is simply better to be wrong than right.

Now, don’t get me wrong, 🙂 there are also many circumstances where it is essential to be right.
If you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant or counselor giving someone advise it is better to be right than wrong, for sure.

But, if you are having a general conversation with someone about topics that are not necessarily critical to yours or their well being and the conversation turns argumentative, there is a point where it is often better to be wrong than right.

Think about this… Does anyone ever really win an argument?

Assume your in a heated conversation with a good friend and you know without a doubt that you are right and they are wrong.
You don’t back down and even pull out your smart phone, find the facts online, and then shove it in their face.

Conversation over! Now there is complete silence.

Ok, so you win, right?

Not really. You may have proved the facts and your feeling high and mighty at the moment but for what cost?
Now the other person feels belittled or maybe even stupid.
They may also be downright mad at you now and won’t talk to you or even want to be around you for who knows how long.

Was it worth it or should you maybe have let them win for the moment and then go search the truth on their own?
Most of the time, the things that we get in arguments over are meaningless and not worth the fight.

This is a tough one for me even at times. I just recently chose to be right and prove the other person wrong over something that really had no significance whatsoever and I regret it.

Sometimes it’s better to be wrong than right, if you want to keep a friend.
Sometimes it’s better to be wrong than right, if you want to keep your marriage.
Sometimes it’s better to be wrong than right, if you want to keep your relationship with co-workers.
Sometimes it’s just simply better to be wrong than right!

Be wrong today about something and feel good about it!

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