7 Ways a Family can Eat Out for $20 or Less: Money Saving Tip # 4


Money Saving Tip # 4: The $20 challenge

As a family we do not eat out a lot, but when we do we search for places that we can eat for $20 or less.
Why $20?
While the kids were young it was easy to eat for $20 or less because they either ate free or could eat the from the kids menu, but as our boys have grown past the kids menu stage it has become increasingly difficult to eat out for $20 or less.
So my wife and I have made it a fun challenge to find ways to continue eating out without spending more than $20.

Here is a list of places that we have found to still work, even with teenagers.

1. Little Caesars
$5 pizza, $3 breadsticks

2. Fast Food Dollar Menu
You must stick to the dollar menu and order waters to drink.

3. Chinese Take Out

4. SubWay
Get $5 Foot longs and share

5. BBQ Take Out

6. Rotisserie Chicken and Veggies from the grocery store
$6 for the chicken and a little more for the veggies.

7. Fried chicken
KFC or Bojangles family deals

One thing that you may notice is that all of these places are take out.
I cannot think of a place to dine in with 2 teenagers and a 10 year old and still eat for less than $20.
If you know of a way or know of other ways to eat out on less than $20 please share.

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