How to Speed Without Getting a Ticket


I have been trying for over 20 years now and over time have come up with a formula for speeding without getting ticketed.

Highways = speed limit plus 10, minus 1 mph*
City = speed limit plus 5, plus 1*

*Disclaimer: Driving over the speed limit is breaking the law. This formula is not a guarantee and the moment I post this it is sure not to work for me any longer. 🙂

But here is my theory for the above formula and why it has worked…

When driving in the city, most cops are not going to mess with someone only going 5 mph over the speed limit, so I just add 1 mph to that to push it a little. Speeds in the city are lower than the highway, so naturally the allowance over should be less as well.

When driving on the highway, cops are not going to bother with pulling anyone over unless they are going more than 10 mph over, so I back off one mph just to be sure I don’t stand out.

Another key is to just go with the flow. Do not make yourself stand out from the rest.
When cops pull someone over it takes a lot of time. My reasoning is that they will not want to mess with the little bites on the hook and will wait for the bigger, more obvious ones.

I have to admit that I have received 2 tickets for speeding in all my years of driving, but in both cases I was not following the formula explained above.

One case was when I was still young and running late for school. Busted for doing 65 in a 45.

The other was more recently, about a year ago; I was doing 73 in a 60.

Drive safe and always be on the defense watching for the idiots out there on the road.

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