Why I Love My Boys


This Father’s Day I am very thankful for the three boys that God has bless me with.

I do not have any daughters. I have heard how wonderful and special they are to a father, but as for me, I am perfectly content with my boys for several reasons.

  • Our last name can be carried on for another generation and with three boys there is a great chance that at least one of them will have sons, so the name will likely continue for even longer.
  • We are able to pass down clothes. (It’s hard to pass on girls clothes to a boy and vice versa)
  • Us guys can walk around the house in our underwear, if we so choose, and not have to worry about girls. (My wife is a woman, not a girl, and their mother, so she doesn’t matter)
  • Boys can share a room or bed if needed.
  • Boys don’t need 50 pair of shoes, purses and make up.
  • Boys are simple; easy to shop for and easy to get dressed.
  • Boys are less dramatic than girls.
  • Boys can get ready to go somewhere in 10 minutes.

Please don’t take me wrong. If God would have blessed me with girls I would be writing about why I love my girls, but he didn’t and I do love my boys!

Please feel free to comment and share your reasons for why you like your boys or girls.


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