How to get one more hour a day.

running out of time

Ever wish you had just one more hour in the day?
Have you ever found yourself saying things like…,

  • “There’s just not enough time in the day!”
  • “I don’t have time for that”
  • “I’m too busy”
  • “Wish I had more time”
  • “Where has the day gone?”
  • “If I just had 1 more hour I could…”

Is it possible to get 25 hours per day?

There is only one way and that is to wait for the fall time change each year.

We have all wished we had more time, but the fact is that we all have just 24 hrs a day.

The question then becomes, what are we doing with those 24 hrs and is it possible to change our routine slightly in order gain 1 hour to do what we want or need to do?

Most of our days can be broken down into 3 sections.

  • Sleep
  • Work
  • All else

When it comes to our job and time at work we really don’t have much of a choice, so let’s look at the rest of the day.

How many hours of sleep do you get each night? If you are getting more than 7, then you may be able to stand going to bed later or getting up earlier.

How much TV do you watch?  If you watch more than an hour a day you could likely afford to cut back on that.

If the average person watches 2 hours of TV per day, and you don’t watch any, then you essentially now have 2 hours more per day compared to everyone else because you are using your time more effectively.

How much time are you spending or the internet or Facebook?  The internet is really the new TV.  I would be willing to bet that a lot of people spend more time on the internet each day than they do watching TV.  It can be a time vacuum.

Look at what you are doing with your time as you go through the day and ask yourself, “Is this really necessary? Could I live without it?”

I challenge you to find some way to gain 1 extra hour per day and do something with that hour that will make you feel good.

I often found that it was difficult to get my Bible reading in each day, but I knew that it was important. Since I don’t watch much TV and stay very busy in the evenings with the family then my next best option was to cut out some sleep.

I now set my alarm clock an hour earlier and the first thing that I do each day is read the Bible. I love that quiet time with God each day.

How will you get your extra hour and what will you do with it?

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